Assessment info

2020 Assessment updates :

Assessment entries are due Friday 27 April for Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Tap & La Beaute Ballet assessments.  

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If you wish to wait due to the current uncertainly of community health – you can submit a late entry by 27 April (beginning of term 2) with the $10 late entry fee applied. 

We are still planning to have assessments late June with a NZ examiner.  If there is any interruption in our dance school lessons over the next few months, there is a likelihood  that we may need to delay our assessments to Term 3 (Aug/Sept). 

After consideration, a decision has been made that assessments must go ahead this year.  Assessments always lift the skills and standards of our dancers. We have all been working so hard in classes practising new work, that it would be a shame to have to repeat the same work again in 2021.  

We have spoken to Corinne Yee, who is the Director of Asia Pacific Dance Association, and manages our examinations and whom fees are forwarded to.  She has provided the following clarity around refunds, credits and unforeseen circumstances:


  • If schools are shut down during our examination dates, APDA will work with us to postpone our examinations.

  • If examinations are deferred to a new date and a student has a legitimate reason for being unable to sit their examination on the new date, they will receive a credit for their next examination.

  • Candidates who are unable to sit examinations due to sickness or injury, their teacher can apply for a medical refund through the existing procedure online.  Please note that medical refunds will not be paid to students who choose not to attend the examination or classes when classes are safely operating by their dance studio.

  • If I need to cancel examinations (for any reason), instead of postponing examinations, you will be refunded by Dance Wanaka

  • If APDA cancels your examinations, candidates will receive a full refund. 

  • Examination candidates exhibiting cold or flu symptoms (or have been exposed to COVID-19 infected persons) are not permitted to enter the examination room.  

  • Students with medical certificates will be able to apply for medical refunds as normal (teacher to use the medical refund form on the APDA website).  

  • If examination candidates intend to travel to another country prior to examinations, they must not attend the examination within 14 days of the examination.  It is recommended that students intending to travel in terms 2 or 3 should wait for their examination date to be confirmed prior to entering for examinations (ie. enter as a late entry) to ensure that there is sufficient stand-down time between their return from travel and the examination date.