Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a street dance style, that is full of rhythm, co-ordination & loads of fun!

Hip-hop is dynamic, builds strength, coordination, and endurance all while keeping dancers engaged and challenged.  It's also a more stronger & mature style of dance with loads of flavour set to todays freshest music.

Classes start from 6 years as hip hop requires more body strength to achieve the strong/sharp movements.

Crew levels follow a general syllabus to allow the students to train in a class best suited to their skill level and learning style. The Urban Ignition syllabus provides a solid technical base in hip hop with a strong style element.  Freestyle and crew choreography are incorporated to allow freedom of ideas.

Dancers showcase their hip-hop skills on stage mid-year & in the annual recital at the completion of year.   They are also encouraged to complete assessments mid year to earn achievement certificates & a ribbon. 

Crews Age guideline
6&7 years
2 8&9 years
3 10 years
4 11 years
5 12 years.  Exper required
6 13-14 years.  Exper required
7 15+ years.  Exper required